Guide to setting up MFA (Multi Factor Authentication)

Modified on Tue, 17 Jan 2023 at 03:44 PM

What is it?

Two Factor Authentication is an additional layer of protection above your username and password when signing in and using an online service.

How does it work?

When entering your email address/password into a log in page as below. A random code will be generated at each sign in to proceed past the log in screen.

Codes can either be sent through an Authenticator app or sent through a Text Message 

How do I set it up?

You will be prompted upon signing in the first time this is activated on your account - You will be presented with the following screen after entering your log in credentials - Select next to begin to set up process

Two options are available when setting this up - Either using an Authenticator app or Text Message both options are shown below although the text message method must be set up first

Text Message

  1. Enter your number in the 'Enter Phone Number' box 
  2. Choose either 'Text Me a Code' or 'Call Me'
  3. Select Next - A code will then be sent to you to enter on the sign in screen. The sign in next message will look similar to the guide below
  4. You will then receive a text message upon signing into an app on a new device for the first time

Authenticator App

If you do not wish to continue using texts to sign in, an option to use an authenticator app is available. This sends you a code to sign in via an app.

  1. Begin by downloading the Microsoft Authenticator app on another device - Links to both are found below

    IOS -

    Android -

       2. Open the Microsoft Authenticator App and Scan a QR Code or Add work or School Account

        3. Go to the Microsoft Security Info Page on another device - Link direct to page here   

        4. Select Add Sign-In Method then choose Authenticator App 

5. You will then see an authenticator code below, return to the Microsoft Authenticator app and scan the QR code as below

Your app is now linked to your account

6. When signing in, codes will then be sent directly to the Authenticator app - You will receive a 6 digit code to enter. The notifications will look similar to below

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