Office 365 Migration - What has changed?

Modified on Mon, 17 Oct 2022 at 10:23 AM

What has changed?

  • Login details - Your separate log in details have changed, you no longer have a separate log in for the machines and Office 365. Your new email address is now the single sign on to the machines and Office 365
  • No more mapped drives - Mapped drives have been moved to SharePoint to provide a seamless experience of being able to access your files when not on site. You will need to add these to your account although instructions will be provided.
  • All files from your old OneDrive have been moved over to your new account.
  • Aliases have changed, old alias addresses are now suffixed with the three letter initial of the school. Documents covering the changes to files and aliases will be created separately.
  • Previously installed software has been removed - All third party software been removed automatically, please log a ticket using the address below to ensure the request is responded to
  • Files on your device automatically sync to your OneDrive account - This ensures your experience and access to your files is consistent on whichever device is used.
  • Using Microsoft Search - Using the Microsoft Search bar you are able to find documents in your OneDrive, SharePoint and in Teams. Simply enter the name or partial name of a file you are looking for in the box as below and hit enter

You will then be provided with a list of appropriate files based on your search. You will need to be attached to a Team or SharePoint site to see the files.

What has stayed the same?

  • The functionality of your machine - Your machines functionality has not changed although you now have the ability to easily sign into any machine and have access to your files
  • Log ins for third party websites - Your log ins for third parties websites such as ThirdSpaceLearning have stayed the same, you will need to change these details by signing into your account and update your details to the @emmausmac addresses.

What do I need to do?

  • Ensure you remember your new log in details - Ensure you sign into any machine using your new email address and password.
  • Set up a recovery method for your @emmausaccount - This will provide a faster and more secure method of resetting your password automatically. This will be automatically prompted upon first signing into your new email address.
  • Add the new printer to your machine - A guide will be sent to school staff, once added nothing else is required to continue printing.
  • Add the new shared drives to your account - We will share a map details and links to the relevant mapped drives.
  • Update your registered email address with third parties - Website currently registered to your old school email address will need updating to read your
  • Set your email signature following the migration - Your email signature has not copied over from your prior account, please the following guides below to show you how to set your signature again.

               Setting your signature in Outlook online - How to add a email signature (Online)

               Setting your signature in Outlook on the desktop - Adding a signature in the Outlook Desktop App

  • Import your passwords if backed up - Your backed up passwords can be imported into Microsoft Edge using the built in importer. Please see the steps below:-
    • 1. Click menu (...) > Settings > 

2. Select Profiles > Import browser data

3. Use the pull-down menu to pick your web browser in the Import Browser Data screen

4. Select Bookmarks or Passwords CSV File - find the file in your OneDrive Saved passwords then hit Import

5. Click Done 

I need help?

Log a ticket by emailing and we can then look to provide a suitable response.

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